In case you needed reminding why David Attenborough is a 10/10 human being

In light of the new Planet Earth II series, I thought I’d break down how one man has become not only one of the most inspiring naturalist’s of our time, but arguably also the World’s most sought after Granddad, by reminding ourselves of some key moments.

1.1926 – A legend is born in London.

2. 1947 – David graduates from Cambridge University studying a combination of Geology and Zoology (REPRESENT) for a degree in Natural Sciences. Where, by the way, he got a 2:2 – proving that mumma lied when she said a 1st is everything.

3.1979 – The iconic Life on Earth series that David helped to write is released! With unparalleled quality wildlife film making this was only the beginning of David making waves. The team managed to get seriously up close and personal with mountain gorillas in Rwanda. At one point some young gorillas basically use David as a plaything. In the clip below he describes them taking off his shoes and pulling his legs! Even animals love him  ❤

Link: David revisits the Life series and Rwanda’s friendly gorillas

FYI: He was voted Britain’s Most Trustworthy Figure in 2014

4. 1984 – The Living Planet is released and focuses on a different environment with each episode. In the episode “World’s Apart” David explores the world of the Kakapo; a super-cute flightless bird from New Zealand that I adore!

5.1998 – During the filming of The Life of Birds, David A catches the attention of a male capercaillie who enthusiastically defends his territory and trips over backwards, showing us that clumsy clots can make the big time too.

Link: David gets beaten up by a bird

6. 2013 – He melts our hearts visiting a baby black rhino in Kenya during the filming of Africa. Not only does he get on all fours to be closer to him – but he makes BABY RHINO NOISES too

Link: He tries to talk to a baby rhino!!!!


FYI: He doesn’t like rats and if David doesn’t – I don’t have to either. 

7. 2014 – He heads to Borneo and astonishes us with ex-captive orangutans that have learnt intricate skills such as washing clothes, using a saw and even using a canoe. Highlighting the similarities between the great apes and us shows how unique they are to our wildlife and the importance of their preservation!

Link: Orangutans showing how us how alike we are

8.2016 – Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, he narrates over Adele’s video for Hello, but not before endearingly asking “Won’t Adele be cross with me?” The result is a dreamy combination including the quote #flipphone – the fans go wild.

Link: David X Adele = Magical

9. 2016 – David turns 90 and put simply the man has done unbelievable things for the flora and fauna on this Earth.

FYI: He’s the only person to have won BAFTAs for programmes in Black & White, HD and 3D (thanks wiki).

10.FINALLY – November 2016 – PLANET EARTH II is released. And terrifies us with snakes so creepy I’d rather take on ten basilisks.

Link: Literally giving me heebie jeebies


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