4 Pre-breakfast swim spots in Cornwall

I absolutely love Cornwall so here’s a few of my fave places for the obligatory morning swim and more importantly, where to go for the post-hypothermic hot chocolate.

  1. Porthcurno Beach

To me, this is the stereotypical, picture-postcard Cornish Beach. I’m probably quite biased coming from the pebbles of Brighton Beach, but it’s lovely and sandy with steep grassy sides up to the cliffs on either side that make the view quite striking. It’s a great spot for swimming, but even if the sea is too rough for swimming it’s just as impressive in the wind. Porthcurno Beach Cafe is a short walk from the beach so you don’t have to go too far with numb toes after your swim either.

Just around the corner of the cliffs is the famous Minack Theatre. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s an open-air theatre cut into the cliff face. It has the most amazing panoramic views while you’re watching a performance (cue pic below). People have even seen basking sharks in the area and I’ve seen seals playing in the sea while watching Peter Pan! If you’re heading to Porthcurno, don’t miss out on Minack.

Minack Theatre


2. Fowey

The town of Fowey is great and definitely worth a visit regardless of the swim or not.Β Its steep and narrow streets are bordered by colourful terraced houses and unique boutique shops all the way down to the sea.

From the town centre you can walk to Readymoney Cove in about a quarter of an hour. It’s a nice, small beach plus it’s quite sheltered as it’s in an estuary, so even if the weather is being typically English (kind of miserable and blustery), there’s not excuse not to go in.

Pink Murphy’s is a cafe near the centre of town and is my favourite spot for breakfast. I hate the word quirky, but it really is the only way to describe Pink Murphy’s. Every colour on the spectrum can be found in this cafe and every chair is covered in a blanket or some form of knitting – ideal after a near arctic dip in the Atlantic. Their food is great too, I had a giant bowl of fruit and granola that made me feel so healthy and saintly **insert that girl/hairflick emoji

Just getting hypothermia – no big deal

3. Kynance Cove

Kynance is without a doubt my favourite spot. We always go for an early morning swim here when we’re in the area, to get the blood pumping. The last time I went was September and it was bloody freezing. From the car park you take a little walk to get down to the sandy beach. The beach itself is seriously picturesque, it’s frequently spotted on Cornwall postcards because of it’s crystal turquoise water on a sunny day.

The cafe on the beach does delicious pasties and the most amazing hot chocolates too – we’re talking cream/ marshmallows/ choc flakes – the works.

Views from Kynance Cafe

4. Praa Sands

I so want to be one of those cool surfer girls with wind swept hair and a tan to match but alas, I have to settle for watching them and their rugged boyfriends from the shallows instead. Praa Sands is the perfect place for this – and the swimming’s good as well of course. It’s super long so there’s lots of space for surfers, swimmers like me, walkers and even just the toe-dippers or paddlers to their knees.

The Beachcomber Cafe on the seafront has fab views where you can sit outside of the cafe and indulge in a cream tea if you’re like me, you’re making the most of the end of the summer i.e. goodbye bikinis.

Sorry if it feels like I’ve focused on the South West side of Cornwall, but this is the area I know best – and I wouldn’t want to lie to ya!


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